Christian Counseling

What is Christian Counseling?

Christian counseling-ministry at Life Center is based on the Word of God by the Spirit of God.  "No one comes to the Father except through me", John 14:6.  Our discipleship Christian counseling is focused on encouraging someone from any walk or struggle in life to gain increased spiritual insight into their personal circumstance. We teach who you are "in Christ," and how to live from "identification with Christ".  Any emotional, behavioral, and relational problems are dealt with from a spiritual perspective with unconditional acceptance and love. Problems are symptoms of deeper root issues and our staff clearly explain these and God solutions to all clients, regardless of age.

How does counseling at Life Center differ from traditional psychological counseling?

Traditional counseling works from the outside to the inside of a person basically attempting to change or alter their behavior. The counselor or therapist depends upon methods or theories based on one's training.

Life Center offers to heal the person from the inside out, which in God’s time and method, changes the outside. The discipler is totally depending on Jesus Christ to work in the heart of the person. The results are up to Christ and willingness of the client to yield their life to Christ.  We trust in the Holy Spirit to reveal all things, including lies and deceptions you might believe as truths, and the truth that will set you free.
What is the disciplining process at Life Center?
Each person, couple, or family meets for 8-12 sessions with one or more of our staff members who are trained in the Exchanged Life principles and methods of ministry.  Typically, you will meet every other week or weekly for 1.5 hours. The schedule of your counseling depends on your needs and specific circumstances. You should expect some emotional discomfort due to the work of the Holy Spirit convicting and confronting areas in your life. If you let God have His way with you, you can expect a transformation in your life that is positive and supernatural. Best of all, you can experience the new life that Christ has especially for you! "Behold, I make all things new."

How is Life Center successful in helping people?
Success is measured by how Jesus Christ transforms their life, not what Life Center can do. Some of the evidences that we look for are:
  • A client’s verbal or written testimonial that they are walking from their new life in Christ.
  • A transformation from a defeated self-life into a victorious Christ-life evidenced in their lifestyle.
You can read a few testimonials here.

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